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The two major types of diapers are cloth and disposable.  Until your child is potty trained diapers will be a major expense for your babies care.  At an average of 28 cents a diaper that's $928.00 a year.  Cloth diapers are making a comeback but most parents prefer the convenience of using disposables. One thing new parents learn very quickly is how many diapers a newborn goes through in a day.  As a new grandparent I was surprised how much and often babies go.  One thing we learned is not to buy a lot of diapers for newborns and a one month old.  Babies grow out of these sizes very quickly, start with a small amount you can always buy more as needed.


You may be changing your babies diapers up to 10 times a day! That's 70 diapers a week, 280 a month, or 3,340+ diapers in just the first year. If the diaper you are using leaves red marks on your child's skin, then your child is wearing the wrong size.  Diapers are sized by weight and not age, please see diaper sizing chart below.

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Cloth Diapers

ClothDiaper.com offers: Cloth Diapers / Diaper Accessories / Potty Training / Burps & Gift Sets.  Our diaper accessories include: Liners and Inserts / Pail and Laundry Bags / Wipes / Pens & Fasteners and Bed Protectors.

Do your part to Reduce and Reuse by using cloth diapers.

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