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What makes Solly Baby Different?

  • DESIGN - Our wraps are designed for the first year or up to 25 lbs, and the majority of babes get the most use during the first 9 months.

  • FUNCTION - Lightweight, easy to put on, Solly Baby wraps give you and your little one unparalleled closeness and comfort (read: “wrap naps” for hours), less crying (it’s proven!), and reduced rates of postpartum depression.

  • MATERIAL - All of our wraps are custom-made from certified Lenzing modal, which is a lightweight, buttery soft and sustainable fabric sourced from the pulp of Austrian beechwood trees.

  • USA MADE - Everything from the fabric to the packaging is made in the US and dyed with environmentally-friendly dyes and there is a handy self-enclosing pocket at the end of the wrap for easy storage.

Swaddle your baby in a blanket for warmth and security. 

Babies tend to cry less and sleep more when they’re swaddled. 

Swaddle and baby wraps mean less fussing and crying from your baby and more sleeping for baby, mom and dad!

Shop for a variety of styles of swaddles and baby wraps from the suppliers on this page.



Swaddle me gently

I am thinking of you!

Swaddles and Baby Wraps help keep your baby content when they are sleeping.  Choose from a large variety of Baby Wraps and Swaddles from the sources on this page.

Swaddles by WOOMBIE

Peanut swaddles that convert into sleeping sacks, sleepers, wearable blankets and more!


This baby swaddle carrier feature stretchy, comfortable fabric.

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